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Design: Anaël Vignet Pictures: A. Bordes Last update: 01/07/2007

Welcome to a beautiful medieval village, situated right in the heart of the country of walled towns, on the borders of Perigord and Agenais.
Picture: A. Bordes  

This small lovely village is a heaven for pictures and history hunters. Streets, alleys, houses and shop bear witness to the past. You will enjoy strolling along the maze of alleys, getting lost among many half-timbered houses, tasting the gastronomy.... At the bend in a path, you will discover the church tower which, like a lighthouse, seems to watch over all the houses of the village. Nearby the church, the bishop's palace (Evescat), even though built in the 17th century, still has some stately charms. This small city of Perigord nestles in its ramparts of the 13th century.

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