- Vestiges de la Bastide anglaise (1267): /
- Remains of English Bastide dating 1267
Mur du Midi et Porte de Marty (XIIIème) /
The Midi Wall and the Marty Gate (XIII C.)
Porte d'enceinte dite de Bergerac /
The entry gate in part of the surrounding wall
Maisons médiévales /
Medieval houses

- Château Fort de la Rue (XIIIème)
- Château des Landes: Tour des Anglais /
English tower
- Eglise Ste Colombe /
Church of Ste Colombe

EPOQUE MODERNE: From Slightly more recent time
- Vestiges de la Bastide /
Remains of the Bastide town
Maison des Gouverneurs
- Eglise de St Sulpice - Retable /
The church of St Sulpice - restored
- Château de la Finou et des Landes

EPOQUE CONTEMPORAINE : From the contemporary area
- Château de Laumède, de Cugnac, etc.
- Canal des ouvrages d'art /
The canal and associated structures
The Bastide were fortified towns built mostly by English and French kings during the
XIII C. Constructed to encourage trade were built on a grid system with a central market square.
Because of their success they were fought over.



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