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Nori Rhodes

I was born in London (1971) to a Dutch mother and an English father. The foundation for my work today lies in my Waldolf education, which stimulated my artistic appreciation and consciousness of nature and humanity.
I studied Public Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design (London), specializing in architectural glass.
For several years I worked in various stained glass studios around London widening my experience in all techniques related to glass. The discipline I found myself most inspired by was sandblasting and in 1997 I set up my own blasting studio. It was here that I started to develop my own unique style and technique, being increasing drawn to the natural forms created by the elements.
In 2000 I moved my studio to the Netherlands, back to my maternal roots and drawn to the magnificent and inspiring Dutch coastline. Recent acquisition of the latest advanced blasting equipment now allows me to work on a much larger scale.

What fascinates and inspires me is the extraordinary continuity of perfection and imperfection in Nature, the energy and power of the elements in context to create such subtle and and perfect forms, particularly those made in sand by the wind and sea. By taking these forms out their natural environment I strive to capture in my glass sculptures a moment in Nature's ever changing manifestation.


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