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Richard Price (UK 1959) completed his art studies at the Polytechnic School of Art and Design in North Staffordshire, England and thereafter at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Richard Price established his glass studio in Amsterdam in 1985. Having received recognition as a major master glass blower, he is widely collected throughout Europe. His exhibited glass art is made by the lost wax casting technique, where the glass melts in a plaster cast mould. Sometimes he creates a combination of both technics. His inspiration comes from frequent travels to Thailand and Buddhism.
He wants to show the vulerability of the adroable. the work of the horses head surrounded by a thorn bush gives a good example. Man and animal are presented in a manner where emotion as metaphor is well visible.Translucent colours in the glass accent the motifs placidity.

Richard Price is also the master glassblower for some artists in The Netherlands


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