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Sabine Lintzen

Education: sculpting and mixed media Art Academy AKB / Maastricht 1977/1981 and Art academy Berlin 1980.

Collected by Museums:
Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam / the Netherlands
Van der Togt museum Amstelveen / The Netherlands
Museum het Domijn Sittard./ The Netherlands

Free form in glass and ceramics
Works together with Richard Price.

The vases by Sabine are an ode to nature. Portaing fertility, growth, male and female cycles on our earth. Century old themes which the artist has translated to our times. She works in fragile glass, hand glown forms, accentuated with bronze.
Faces ,open and closed bunches of flowers, sticks. They have all an allegorical meaing.
Referals to good and evil, yin -yang can be found. But also tough versus fragile as the use of bronze and glass are of importance. Sabine Lintzen tries to get her life's philosophy across in this breathtink vases. Dreams in glass...

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