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Diego Semprun Nicolas is a fifth generation glass painter from a family renowned for its windows since 1855. His grandfather, Joep Nicolas, won the "Grand Prix des Arts et Métiers" in Paris in 1925 and started a great career as an innovator in window design. He also was known as "the father of modern stained glass" in America in the 40' and 50' before moving back to the Netherlands where he had major commissions from the early fifties on.
Diego was born in Paris, raised in the Netherlands and moved to the United States with his family in 1968. In 1972-1974, ack in Paris he studied art and then moved to New York where he lived until 1990. In New York, he studied art, painted, belonged to life drawing classes and worked on many different art projects in fine and commercial art. In 1990, he moved to New Hampshire where his mother, Sylvia Nicolas, lived, whom he had assisted with window projects a few times. Diego started his glass painting, working with his mother on a chuch in St. James, New York. He painted his first window and slowly, the commissions came.
In 1995, he and his mother went to the Netherlands to paint a window in the St Pancratius church in Tubbergen. In this Church there were already windows from the previous four generations.
The window Diego painted was admired and he received a commission to paint five more windows the following year.
At the same time, Tubbergen was planning an artistic event based around glass, exhibition featuring slumped glass, painted glass, design glass and much more.
The people organising this asked if Diego would be interested in opening a studio in Tubbergen.
Since 1998, Tubbergen has Atelier Semprun Nicolas and Diego now has made windows for churches in various parts of the Netherlands and has windows in private collections in America, Geramny, the Netherlands and France.
"In my work, I try to give new meaning to the tradition of painting on glass and stained glass window design. The work expresses a chaotic balance and has its roots in painters which I have admired over the years although I like mixing to create my own expression.
The composition is usually the focal point wether I am designing a church  window or an abstract window for myself.
I use hand blown glass only and the construction is usually the same as it has always been for stained glass windows as I find there are still plenty of discovery's to be made in the painting and design of this medium."
After an exhibition last june in Boston (U.S.) for the Stained Glass Association of America, Diego is working on  four big windows for the Cathedral of Roermond.


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