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Dick Van Wijck has been educated as sculptor at the City of Academy  the Jan van Eck Academy in Maastricht.
The last 25 years, he worked in Roermond. The old chapel, in which Dick van Wijk has his atelier, was formely the studio of the world famous Stained Glass painter Joep Nicolas.
Now Dick van Wijk claims his place among the famous artists on the field of three-dimensional art. His work expresses a never-ending research on the subject of combining geometrical and organic forms.
A repeating element in the objects of Dick van Wijk is the human body, the base of this concept. The circle-shape is the symbol of consistency and newborn life. These "attributesé, together with several animal shapes, gave the sculptor Dick van Wijk a broad range to work with. The materialisation of the search can be visualised in bronze, steel, marble and glass. Thereby represents the merger of the different materials a kind of irony and dynamics.

Collections : Dutch Maritim Museum in Amsterdam,Government of Defence


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