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glasatelier Groot Koerkamp
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7595LS,Weerselo (NL) 



Desiree Groot Koerkamp For Desiree painting and drawing has always been part of the way she expresses herself, and she recognises herself in her choice of colour and line as well as her subject matter.
At an early age she was involved with her fahters carnaval organisation and discovered , while playing around , the fun of painting and drawing. At thirteen she started her first courses in art and concentrated on portraits as she was fascinated by trying to cpture the right expression.
At sixteen she took lessons from the artist Joseph Debski, she learned how to manipulate different media and started painting on canvas. At 17 she started selling her first works. At this time she started experimenting with glass and mirrors constructing mozaics and clock housings.
In 1990 she followed the DEVA school where she took lessons in photographie,silkscreen and linocuts. Her main courses where in autonomous art and advertising illustration. The following years she was on the road throughout Europe and did a lot of sketching for inspiration. In 1999 she arrived at Atelier Semprun Nicolas and was taught the art of painting on glass.
She currently has her own studio.


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