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Patula Berm

1987- 1988: Fashion academy Vogue, Amsterdam
1988- 1991: Theatre Design, Art Academy, Utrecht
1991- 1993: Theatre performances
1993: First dress of glass
1995-now: Started at glassstudio Van Tetterode Amsterdam to make dresses of glass

Coindress, cruiseship de Amsterdam,1999
Multilayered dress of glass, Pasta e Basta,2000
Fused dress of glass, spanish pepperdress, musselcutlerydress, Townhall Amsterdam North,2001
Commission: two dresses of glass for cruiseship Queen Mary 2, 2003

Teaching a workshop in Pilchuck, summersession 2003
The last years, I have been busy primarly with making sculptures from glass, often in combination with other materials such as coins, flatware, Spanish pepers, hair etc. The idea of making a dress from glass was born of the fact that I often swim and then I see how the water forms a sort of second skin around a body form, a moment in time of this, a sort of frozen image which I wanted to creat in reality.
I work mostly by association and intuitavely, as an example the idea to oxydise coins and combine them with glass is an association of a sunken treasure chest underwater which in combination with the human form seems to be rising from the deep. I always try to make thinks having a certain tension by suggesting movement.


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