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Atelier : Minkmaastraat 15a – 7514 EA Enschede
tel 053 4 309 895



Adrie Arendsman completed her education at the academie for art Aki in Enschede and majored in painting, graphic art and three dimensional art. In her work she researches the possibilities of the selfportrait and is ready to show us herself on the inside as an artist and a person. She uses a great diversity of forms and techniques. This gives her a great freedom in accepting and working on commissions. In her smaller work, the closeness and proximity as well as poetic thought have the focus, while in the larger work glass as well as bronze are the medium and are much more monumental with a typical depth and a layered feel. She is an admired and known artist who exposes in
The Netherlands and Europe (Munster, Majorca) and South America (Mexico) frequently.

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